The Great Adventure

Andros is the largest of all the Bahamas Islands and the 5th largest in the entire Caribbean. With a population of only 8,000 it has a thriving and largely undiscovered natural diversity. The greatest adventure of my own life and to some extent, the story of Andros begins with an adventurous past.

In the 1840's, Seminole Indians and Africans fleeing slavery in Florida fled to Andros where they lived very discreet lives up until the middle part of the last century. They settled in Red Bays on the western side of the island where basketry and black seminole heritage still flourish. Red Bays however is a speckle on the massive Andros landscape.

My own adventure began with the 15-minute flight from Nassau. As quickly as the 20-seater had leveled off at cruising altitude it began the descent over the third largest barrier reed in the world and into Fresh Creek airport.

We packed in our vans and drove 25 minutes to the private island resort. Our cottages were all beachfront with our own golf carts.

After settling in our rooms we all met for lunch at the clubhouse. The activity desk had pictures and literature on fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing, diving, kayaking, blue hole swimming and specialty excursions like boat rides through the hundreds of creeks that run like veins throughout the Andros wetlands. There is also a seaplane excursion to some of the more remote areas of the island.

The day of our wedding could not have been more perfect. The sky was speckled with thin lines of dotted clouds and a gentle breeze was meandering off the tongue of the ocean.  Reverend Hamilton arrived in his formalities and conducted a light and cheerful ceremony on the clubhouse terrace which overlooks the beach and coconut grove.  My own life adventure had begun.

Dinner that night has left a permanent glow in my mind. The tuna was caught that same day and the side dishes were tastefully marinated and served at a perfect temperature. As darkness fell the sky lit up with the festive constellations and the celebration continued in to the early hours of the morning.

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