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Diving In The Bahamas

I recently went on my first scuba diving trip.  It was more otherworldly than I could have imagined. Of course, I have been snorkeling many times and even done a little free diving but this is very different. I felt more unified with my surroundings and was entranced by the deep peacefulness, mystique and magic of the underwater environment.

This was a relatively shallow dive, during which we explored beautiful coral reefs and marveled at colorful fish and sea creatures. I can not fully describe how amazing an experience it was in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. I wanted to take it slow the first time. But for more experienced divers the islands of the Bahamas offer numerous opportunities for some real adventure, including shark dives, cave and bluehole diving, and diving around shipwrecks.

There are really too many extraordinary dive sites throughout the Bahamas islands to mention all of them, but New Providence, Andros, The Bimini Islands, San Salvador, Grand Bahama and the Exumas are amongst the top islands featuring an abundance of unique and spectacular Bahamas diving sites with locations suitable for novice divers and also intermediate and advanced divers.

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