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Experience The Bahamas

Several friends from afar have come to visit me since I have been here in the Bahamas. I suspect much of their interest in visiting me has to do with my new location, but I understand that completely.

In the past few months I have seen and experienced many of the wonderful things the islands have to offer. I find that when visitors come down I quite enjoy playing the part of the tour guide and showing off my new surroundings.

Initially, many people seem to think there isn’t much more to do here than lay on one of so many blissfully beautiful beaches and forget about the rest of the world. Now personally, that is one of my favorite activities, but there are actually a whole host of other activities and experiences to enjoy.

A golfing enthusiast friend of mine was thrilled  with the world class golfing that is available in these islands. I have arranged to take my sports-minded buddies on big game fishing trips, while with others we have enjoyed leisurely boating excursions. For the nature lovers I have suggested hiking, and bird-watching tours.

It was just in my last blog entry that I told of my freshly married friends and I shamelessly take credit for the fact that they had their wedding and their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

I say all of this just to make the simple point that the Bahamas has something for everyone from a family vacation, to a romantic getaway, to a fishing, boating or hiking adventure.

I have so much more to experience here and I encourage others to come and experience an authentic Bahamas vacation.

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