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The Bahamas Islands are located 50 miles off the coast of the United States (Florida) in the western Atlantic Ocean. They comprise 700 islands and cays of which approximately 40 are populated with local towns and quaint settlements. Many of the smaller islands are privately owned and offered as private island rentals when not occupied by their owners.

Dictionary sources define the Bahamas as an Island country in the Atlantic, east of Florida and Cuba or a popular winter resort.  The name (word) Bahamas is said to come from either the Spanish baja mar, meaning “shallow seas” or the Lucayan word for Grand Bahama Island, ba-ha-ma “large upper middle land”. Whatever its origin, the archipelago has become synonymous worldwide with the beautiful colors of its crystal clear shallow waters. was created to offer unique vacation experiences throughout these islands.  Settlements like Governor’s Harbour, Clarence Town and Hopetown and community islands like Harbour Island, Spanish Wells and Staniel Cay have all developed their own history and culture and ultimately grown into unique vacation experiences. packages the best the Bahamas has to offer in its people, heritage and incredible natural beauty coupled with the finest cuisine, accommodations and guest services.